Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is BFE?

We have lived in the High Desert of what we affectionately call BFE for over two years now (stay tuned as the story of how we came to this place will unfold in the days to come!)  “What is BFE?” you may ask.  And most people DO ask that A LOT. I’ve been so shocked to hear of how many people DON’T know the meaning of that infamous acronym of ‘ol.... OR is it that they just want to see if I really know the meaning?... OR....  maybe they just want to lure me into saying a dirty-four-letter-word? AH-HA!... Nope! Not gonna say it... (not in public anyway!)

When a man eats at a famous fast food burger joint he says (with a deep voice): “Leave me Alone, I’m eating.” 
Now, whenever I feel like being on the computer to write, I can say (with a sassy voice): “Leave me alone, I’m Writing!”   DM

I’m starting this blog with the strong support and encouragement from several of the ladies in my local community. Bible Study Gals at that! (BSG’s for short.) If we had a church way out here in BFE I guess I could call them “my fellow church ladies” but then two or three of us who are old enough to remember would be rolling on the floor laughing hysterically with visions of Dana Carvey and Saturday Night Live flashbacks! “REAAALY, Well isn’t that Speccccial!” 

So first and foremost I would like to thank my fellow BSGs’ for their continued support, constant laughter, and tolerance of phone calls when shots ring out in the night. But more about THOSE adventures another time! 

Most individuals know of the acronym of BFE when referencing a geographical location: “way out in the middle of nowhere”, but wait..... Wouldn’t that be “WoitMon?” 
So after being questioned so many times: “What does BFE stand for?” I thought I might as well start my Blog off my rectifying the question before we go any further. 

I went to the website: where I was quite surprised at the multitude of duplicity of my favorite three letter acronym which could be quite entertaining to discuss on a rainy day. 

But for the purposes of my Blog, here/today, what I found to be most applicable.... the “polite version” of our “Adventures in BFE” phrase will be: Bum Freak Egypt.”  Translated into 'southern' is "Bumb Frick'n Egypt" (my native tounge). Even tho Egypt is on the other side of the world... I think you can catch the drift here. (If you are still unsure... let me know and I can spell it out for you... I know who you are!!!)

Our family has come up with their own versions of the three letter acronym, but as a parent I feel that I must “protect the innocent” and stay silent. We’ll just keep the aforementioned definition to be on the safe side!

So I hope you enjoy the days and weeks and hopefully years of “Adventures in BFE” as I report the “ongoings of the insane and slightly loony” , reflecting on the past, while I look to God for guidance in this Adventure we call Life!

Love & God Bless,


  1. Is it ok to comment on your own blog? I just had to watch the # change!!! whooo hooo! DM.

  2. I laughed out loud especially with the WoitMon, I had to say it out loud and laughed again! Love your first post, can't wait to read more. Love ya DM.

  3. But WoitMon.... THATS WHERE WE LIVE!!!!
    Thanks Amy, I so appreciate the time it takes for you to tell me what makes you laugh!
    And yes... I've got more Blog Posts prepping-up in the pipeline... just waiting for the right pix and the appropriate bible verses, (an proofing!)... I can't spell... and I type like I "tawlk".

    BTW: Hope you are feeling better!