Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Fall Blog Interrupted!

My $3 fuzzy slippers.
Note the Sunshine!
Today is the first “REAL” Day of FALL in my opinion. Cool, brisk and down right RAINY. No sun at all. Or at least there’s no sun at 8 AM. I really enjoy the smell of drenched sage brush. I don’t know what kind of sage brush it is we have out here.... I guess I could go look it up.....

I LOVE Fall!  After the heat of 100+ degree days I need a huge “WELCOME FALL” sign on my front gate. As cleaning and sorting never ends it’s so nice to sidetrack onto the storing of summer tank tops and shorts so you can start pulling out the the winter cozy things like fuzzy sox, slippers, robes, and sweaters. My bright orange fleece vest I purchased this summer at the Goodwill in Washington is my latest and addition to my football wardrobe this season!  And Coffee tastes so much better on nippy fall days as well. 


We interrupt today's “Happy Fall Blog” 
to bring you yet another Adventure in BFE!

This was how the morning started. Beautiful small ray of sunshine pouring out a hole in the clouds.
MC (my new alias for my hubby: "Master & Commander") works far enough away that when there’s a really bad storm in the BIG CITY.... and the power goes out there... He can call me and I have about 15-20 min. (depending on the how fast the wind is blowing the storm in my direction.) to baton-down-the-hatches.  

You know, make sure there’s nothing out in the open (not nailed down) that can be "blow away”... and I mean “AWAY” as in “never to be found again” and the following actions were taken: the chickens
...bring the dog inside
...maybe snap a few pix of the storm front before the rain hits!
... and... if there is time: microwave that last cup of hot coffee...
.... while you run around and shut down all of the computers printers and electronic stuff!!!!        

..... "AND HERE WE GO" ~Batman the Dark Knight.
.... the storm hits... and it's as dark as night !!!

"Each man will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, 
like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.” 
Isaiah 32:2

Notice the small shadow (right. of sagebrush). Then the blackness of the storm (about 10 mi. away here)
I think to myself: “Power Outage is eminent.” Or so I think. {wait} What am I hearing????

This full size bath towel was soaked
full & heavy when I pulled it from the sill.
Less than 15 seconds worth of rain.
That is how hard and fast this storm struck!
Dang it!!! I forgot to close the storm windows in the kitchen! One of the main reasons that MC had called in the first place. That “don’t forget to....”. and Dang it, I forgot!  So towels to the rescue! I always use older bath towels in my kitchen for drying large quantities of pots & pans on heavy cook days, so they were readily available for me to grab and throw into the pool of rain water that had instantaneously appeared in the bottoms of the window sills. But I had grown up with storm windows all my life! MC grew up in Cali. I remember having to explain to him the purpose of storm windows and screens in a window (or was that someone else? IDK.)  
I should have known better and reacted quicker on this one!

 Ahhh!!!! the first strike of lighting! 
Oh! I forgot!!!! .....“I’m afraid of that stuff!!! 
No, I’m Not...... Yes, you are..... No I’m not! {wait}.” 
Another lightening strike... I nearly jumped right out of my skin.

Eminent Storm on the horizon moments before it
"let loose" over my house! (>3mi. out)
Little “bumpers” I can handle... 
Big ones... 
ones that come-right-after-one-another, 
and seem-to-go-on-for-hours? 
Forget it!  
I’m going back to bed 
with my head under the covers, 
ear plugs... 
and something to cover my eyes!!!!  

"But why?... 
There’s nothing to be afraid of!”... 
the voices inside my head tells me. 

I don’t like them... no, I do not.... 
"I do not like them Sam I am."

I spent the rest of my day (completely sidetracted from what I had planned to do) flashing back to my youth and asking myself:   "Why AM I afraid of thunder & lightening?", "Was it nature or nurture?"  {That 'flash back' is a forth coming in a blog post called "Fear of Lightening".}

How to download pix off my phone and onto my computer! 
(I took all these pix today, seconds before the storm hit.)
AND how to attach links in this Blog.. 
"I did it!!!! Yea!"

Daisy Mae wants to know
What are the things that sidetrack you? 
The 'storms' that come along in your day that send you off in a totally different direction from where you had originally planned to go.  
What happened, and what were the results?


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