Monday, October 15, 2012

How We Came to BFE. Part II

“Trust in the LORD, and do good; so you will dwell in the land, and enjoy security.”   
Psa 37:3 (RSV)

Land in the High Desert to which we were to dwell.

It was at this moment I just gave the whole situation up to the Lord, and continued my daily search as new rentals appeared online daily. I expanded my search outside the greater metropolitan area and particularly liked the rental agencies that used pin-point maps to denote their rental locations. And then one day... out of the blue (not to be confused with Boise State BLUE)... there it WAS!  A PIN... LOCATED OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! AND THE PRICE WAS WITHIN OUR BUDGET! OOOHHHH, but then...... my excitement halted... No garage (just a small shop), and only a 2 bedroom (there were 4 of us!). Oh well.... cute place tho! (deflation of emotions) And continued searching for property locations.

As was our new routine, hubby and I met in the quiet of our bedroom to discuss the new prospects of the day.  I jokingly mentioned the “little two bedroom out in the middle of BFE.” I had really expected him to say: “not enough bedrooms.”, and/or “there’s no garage!”, and/or rounding out his comments with a “what are you thinking wo-man!”  (A comment I don’t mind hearing because that means that I’m “thinking outside the box.”) Instead..... he said: “Show Me!”  “WOW! Really?” So I pulled up the map and the pix of the “little house in the high desert... in the middle of BFE!”   I was surprised at what he said next: “Let’s go look! It can’t hurt to go look, can it? It will be an adventure!” So I scheduled our next available time to view the house the next day after hubby got off work. 

We sat on the front porch steps and hubby said to me: “You hear that?”... a long pause. We smiled with our eyes closed. It was if I could read his mind! After a few moments I replied: “Yea....”, and at the same time we said “NOTHING”. Oh but in that moment I could hear everything and nothing at all! 
I couldn’t hear the yap-yap beanie babies any more, but I could hear the birds chirping. 
I couldn’t hear cars driving by, but I could hear the wind whistling through the trees. 
I couldn’t see people walking down the sidewalk, but I could see a family of quail as they scurried across the lawn.
I had no fear of someone lurking over our back fence, but I knew that wild animals thrived beyond the property line. 
I could see for a long ways off... 50... maybe 100 miles off in the distance! Mountains on several sides and miles and miles of High Desert range land! Only a few houses dotted the landscape, and few with a road between them.  This felt sooo good. Like going camping in the mountains on a weekend. I could imagine us coming home to this place EVERYDAY! What a dream! It was ‘too good to be true!”

“Oh, but wait! There’s not enough room for us!” Trying to think of what the hubby would say next as so not to have my hopes set too high and then be let down.....
“We’ll make due! We will just have to trust in the Lord that this is were he wants us to be, and I feel strongly that this is it! This is the place! Pack your stuff ‘darlin’ (he makes fun of my souther accent sometimes),......... we’re moving!” 

And Our “Adventures in BFE" began!!!


Daisy Mae Wants to know: 
Have you ever ‘side stepped’ and event, a thought, or an action (maybe having turned it over to the Lord) only to have it ricochet and come back to you with Amazing results?  
Tell me your story!


  1. Keep the stories coming Miss Daisy Mae! I'm loving this!

    1. Working on a BIG ONE as we speak!!! But I'm supposed to be Grocery Shopping right now!!!